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NF Nanoclean AC Filter

NF Nanoclean AC Filter

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Nanoclean AC Filters are designed to complement the existing filtering screen of wall mounted (split & window) air conditioners to enable it to remove PM2.5 and other Micro-Particle pollutants from the air inside homes to clean the air while cooling it at an affordable cost. Simply put- these filters will allow your ACs to become air purifiers at no recurrent electricity cost, using Nanotechnology.

  • 90% room purification within 1 Hour
  • Converts existing ACs into Air Purifiers
  • Protects from various pollutants such as PM 2.5, Dust, Allergens, Smoke and Pollen
  • It pulls the harmful particles, holds them in while releasing clean air
  • Compatible with both Window & Split ACs
  • No recurrent electricity costs
  • No variation in cooling or power consumption.
  • Easy & quick do-it-yourself application
  • Change every month for best results