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Nasofilter - Pack of 24  - pack of 24 +6 Free (Total 30)

Nasofilter - Pack of 24 - pack of 24 +6 Free (Total 30)

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Nasofilters, is a respiratory nasal filter that sticks to your nose and prevents the entry of harmful air pollutants in your body.

Nasofilters is made to help people stay safe from air pollution that is affecting everyone. Developed by a team from IIT-Delhi, this breakthrough nano-technology protects from dust, air pollution, particulate matter, SMOG, pollens, and bacteria.

Nasofilters can be helpful to people who want to stay safe from pollution, allergies, asthmatics who suffer due to dust etc.

Nasofilters are made from nanotechnology, this ensures...

there is a minimal pressure drop while breathing, ensuring ease of breathing and no breathing discomfort.


  • Breathing mask made by IIT-Delhi team that achieves more than 90% Efficiency against PM 2.5.
  • Revolutionary replacement to face mask as its nearly Invisible and Convenient to use.
  • This nasal filter mask superior than other n95 masks in terms of ease of use.
  • This nasal mask uses Nano-Fiber technology to filter out air pollutants entering your body.
  • Winner of NATIONAL AWARD 2017
  • Nasofilters are meant for one-time use and can be used for up to 12 Hours

Recommended by pulmonologist, Nasofilters provide better aesthetics as Nasofilters is almost invisible from a distance of 5 ft and more and doesn’t cover the face either as is the drawback in other competing face masks.

Easy to carry, use & throw product with less air resistance throughout use

Applied directly on the nasal orifice (outer side of nose) thereby eliminating the problems of air leakage, fogging of spectacles, breathing stale breath and warming of cheeks. No problem in speaking, eating or playing activities as it is worn only on the nose.


Size chart of Nasofilter Measurment of Thumb  Width (cm) Measurment of Thumb Width (in)
Small (S) 1.6 cm or less .65 in or less
Medium (M) 1.6 cm to 2.3 cm .65 in to .9 in
Large (L) Over 2.3 cm Over .9 in